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How deep is your love

How deep is your love
How deep is your love

Till the valleys run dry, “Aint no mountain high enough.” As long flleeting and as passionate as an orgasm. Long enough to get your way. Long enough to persuade others you are worthy and then when their back is turned you stab into it. For attention, to prove your worth. To steal, jealousy greed and hate. For the love of money.

As grand as the canyon, as eternal as the universe

“To the depth, breadth, and height my soul can reach.” How do you spell it, love? How do you build it, mix it pour it? What are the necessary ingredients? Is there an art to loving that only the greatest artists know? Do you have to develop a passion and science for the love of another soul and being?

Be flexible, be willing, be ready, commit and invest

Omnipresent. Love is like a pond, you are in this together and if someone takes a shit you are bound to get some on you. The less toxic the better. Being able to find someone who holds the relationship up in belief and faith, foremost and in the light and who shares the same life goals in the relationship goes a long way to keeping the relationship for the distance.

Maximize positive creation

“The living garment.” You can’t have oneness in your outside life if you don’t have it within. Your true essence, the depth of love is the depth of the grief. Satisfyng, comforting and miraculousy, deeply affected. The deepest transformative loves lead to unprecedented levels of spiritual renewal and growth. Because you will find that if you can heal yourself within every fiber of your being you are also healing the other person.

In a generation that like their emotions conveniently packaged for swift eating

The deepest of loves is not a short-term process. Your loved one is in your heart, in your soul and intrinsically wrapped into who you are. Every love affair is a cosmic love affair with the devine. Hust love no matter what the conditions.

The house of your beloved and the water of life

The rapture.

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