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How core values makes small businesses tick

Company core values are fundamental beliefs that an organization holds, which drives the actions of the business. For example, Chick fil A stands out from other fast food chains because it chooses to remain closed on Sunday to honor the command given by God of the Bible. It is certain that they could make more money by being open, but then, they would have to forego their core value. Overall, having something that you stand for and believe is the best for your business to grow steadily over time. You can help your business avoid some sharp upswings and deep lows. It helps potential customers know what to expect and save precious time deciding whether or not you fit their lifestyle or need. Therefore, it allows you more time to cater to the clients that know you are exactly what they are looking for. Remember, you can't please everyone all the time.

Small businesses in South Florida often make strides to do something different to stand out from the rest. Some may do simple advertising tactics, like have people stand outside their establishment passing out flyer coupons, or wear an eye-catching costume. These actions may translate that we are a nimble company that is anxious for your attention and anyone else's too. This can be seen online in directories where people place advertising for officiant services that cover dozens of little known religions and ceremonies that are not even legal for them to do. I saw Florida wedding officiants picture themselves doing what appeared to be same-sex marriage ceremonies and listing themselves as LGBTQ, but Florida does not permit that by law as of February 2014. To me, this appears to be an attempt to garner attention for performing an act that is not legal, which may be deliberately misleading to out-of-state same-sex couples to simply get their money. Without same-sex weddings, the wedding business would be still worth well over a billion dollars according to statistics found in Wikipedia. Let's face it, there are still more couples that reflect a man and a woman as the creation story tells us in the Bible. I support my position with an example of someone openly advertising marijuana for sale, when it is illegal in the state you are promoting it. The person may be able to get the drug, but only illegally where they are residing. This ploy to earn more money may seem profitable, but in the end, I believe that it will cost companies because potential clients will know that you are for anything that will bring in money. As for my small business, my core values have been published on the company blog for years. I believe that our belief is responsible for the types of clients that are drawn to us. For instance, we promote Christian oriented ceremonies and we find that the clients that contact us, like it that way. Therefore, core values makes my small business tick.

In summary, I believe that when businesses start off with the right kind of motive, often times, the business will continue on that same path of righteousness when the people at the helm are faithful. Galatians 6:7, says that "we always harvest what we plant." Be sure to count the true profit behind the choices you make as you operate a small business. Avoid deceiving yourself as a business owner because being open to anything may mean that your company will fall for any change in seasons.

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