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How Consignment Helps Daycares

Consignment Sales
Consignment Sales

Not only parents who are struggling to pay the bills shop at consignment retailers and sales, but also parents who understand that spending a fortune on things their kids are going to soon grow out off makes little sense. Consignment has many perks as you can save money, expand your child's inventory, and even help the environment. On the flip side, selling your own old items at a consignment shop is a great way to earn some extra cash. 

How does this benefit daycare providers? Well, consignment is not just for clothes. Consignment offerings include everything from baby furniture to toys to outdoor play equipment. You might be pleasantly surprised by the equipment you can buy for fractions of its original price. This is a great way to stock your business without busting your wallet. As a daycare provider, you understand that money doesn't just fall from the sky. Creative ways to buy more while spending less should be an instilled habit.

A word of caution though. Before buying safety items like car seats, strollers and swing sets - try to only buy newer versions or items you know have not been recalled. Sometimes it is better to buy these sorts of things new to avoid potentially dangerous problems in the future. Also avoid toys covered in fabric or used as teething devices - this is because they are hard to properly clean and may be harboring all kids of germs, dust mice and even lice. Before introducing new toys you have purchased, soak them in bleach and water overnight. If it is electronic - wipe it down with bleach and water and let air dry overnight.

Some local consignments sales in the works:

Just Between Friends - April 2nd, 3rd - Denver Christian High School (Highlands Ranch)
Your Kid's Closet - March 28th, 29th - The Wildlife Experience
Mothers of Multiples Sale - March 13th - 10:30 to 2:30 - Douglas County Events Center - $1 admission
S.T.O.R.M. Sale - March 6th - 9 to 12 - The Shrine Center in Denver
Double Delights - March 20th - Grace United Methodist Church in Denver
Christ Lutheran MOPS - April 10th - Highlands Ranch
Serendipity Sale - TBD 2010, but registering consigners - Loveland, CO

BONUS: The Your Kid's Closet sale usually includes free admission to The Wildlife Experience so your kids get an additional benefit too!


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