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How concerts make for great dates: Chicago and REO Speedwagon

Looking for an amazing date night? AC has it all.
Looking for an amazing date night? AC has it all.
Dr. Robert

Another great date night for all of you who remember Chicago and REO Speed Wagon was had at the Borgata Hotel. Atlantic City is host to world class shows in-spite of the cities financial woes. Yes, the casinos are bustling and seem to be pulling in the players and people looking to be entertained. While surrounding cities are seeing more casino development, I don’t think any of them compare to the variety and venue offerings of Atlantic City with its most amazing ocean, beach and activities all about town.

First, I never knew much about REO Speedwagon. I actually thought they were pronounced Aereo Speed Wagon. I guess I missed the eighties. A simple Google search allowed me to find the derivation of their name: a flatbed truck named after founder Ransom E. Olds. This kind of conversation intrigues most women so, go ahead, use it on your next date.

As it turns out, this band is amazing. Their songs were big hits and easily recognized, even by me, the guy who missed the eighties. They bring back a great time for you as far as nostalgia needs go.

Then came Chicago, the band I originally came to see. They were fabulous. Again, on a date, bringing back your youth through nostalgic entertainers bodes well for a good night, unless your date has bad memories of the group you go to see. Make sure you tell your date where you are going. Surprise dates should be reserved for those who know each other rather well.

The finale made this night even more special. REO came out at the end and did a set with Chicago. Wow! They played a few tunes of each respective group and sounded spectacular. To hear pros at this level jam and watch the fun they have on stage is the greatest!

Next time you want to do a special date, consider Atlantic City. See a great show, have a few drinks, gamble until the wee hours and then go for that goodnight kiss.

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