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How Comcast is Getting Ready for the Seahawks and the Super Bowl

We thought there might be two questions that come to mind as we count down to Super Bowl 48. Well, three if you count, how much will the Seahawks win by? But these are the two questions we can most control at Comcast:

Staff at the XOC in Everett will be tracking the state of Comcast's network closely before and during the big game.
Holly Martinez, Comcast

1. Is there still time to get video at home before the game?

2. What’s Comcast doing special to ensure the network stays robust so everyone can watch the game?

First, Is there still time to watch the game at home if I don’t have TV service now?

Yes, there is still time to get what you need to watch the game at home. Our Xfinity service centers have extra equipment on hand. With a self-installation kit, you’ll be set to go. You can find the hours of the closest center to you by clicking here.

Second, what’s Comcast doing to make extra sure the game is available to everyone?

1. We’ve stopped doing any updates or maintenance that could affect service. Until the game is safely over, the only time Comcast will be touching a line is if it got damaged or cut.

2. Our XOC in Everett will have extra staff on hand using cutting edge diagnostic tools, as well as a plethora of screens, to monitor the strength of the network and signals throughout Washington. The staff also expect to be cheering throughout the game as the Seahawks win.

The photos show views of the XOC in Everett where Comcast uses diagnostic tools to monitor and address any signal or network issues. The XOC reminds us of what the bridge of the Enterprise would look like if it had been designed by an office supply company. You can see a few pictures of it on the page.

3. Starting noon Sunday, we’ll open a “bridge” phone call so anyone in the company can speak instantly to the entire Super Bowl monitoring team. So, for example, anyone in our call centers can report any high call volumes and any technicians can report any damage or issues. (high call volumes being a sign of an issue, of course)

4. Staff will monitor weather reports so if any weather hits an area particularly hard, we’ll be able to get crews there asap. It’s worth nothing that we can only perform fixes in an area after electrical crews have safely completed their repairs.

5. We’ll be at @ComcastWA on Twitter with any updates, though hopefully all we’ll be doing is sharing any photos that vacationing employees will be sending us from the game.

After the event. Comcasters will meet to discuss how things went, just so we are even more ready for Super Bowl 49! #GoHawks

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