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How cold weather is hurting Lehigh Valley manufacturing

Lehigh Valley manufacturers are having trouble meeting production quotas due to the extremely cold weather and snow that Mother Nature has delivered to the East Coast this winter.

Many manufacturers in the Lehigh Valley are just finding it difficult to have workers get to their job sites to make products. In an area where most companies and the workers are not located near any type of public transportation, travel on icy or snowy roads is a dangerous proposition.

Manufacturers are also experiencing problems getting the raw material they need to complete production. Most of the material travels at some point by truck or rail, and since the whole country has experienced the cold weather, many components are simply delayed in getting delivered to the Lehigh Valley.

Even manufacturing facilities that are getting items produced, because of the rail and truck headaches, often have complications in getting them shipped out of the Lehigh Valley and on to their next destination.

Taken in total, all the issues add to the bottom line (cost) for production. Making the product quotas, especially at the cost they were budgeted for, nearly impossible for the Lehigh Valley's manufacturing sector.

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