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Cold Spa Treatments
Cold Spa Treatments
Mandarin Oriental Hotel

You’re lying on the beach sand on a hot summer day. The sun glaring in your eyes and its rays beaming, and all you can think about is cooling off so you jump into the water. At that specific time the best solution is quickly cooling off in the water, to relieve your body from the hot weather. Sound familiar? It should. With all of the stimuli that our bodies respond to, the results affected by changes in temperature are amongst the most powerful to our physiology, and this is behind the growing trend in cold spa treatments. It’s a science to generate positive results that are healthy for your body.

The actual term “cold spa treatments” is slightly misleading since these services rarely just use cold temperatures to treat you. Typically, cold spa treatments incorporate a combination of heat and cold or “freeze” to generate positive health results and relaxation.

The cold spa treatment doesn't just relax you but it’s also great for blood circulation, and because blood circulation is directly connected to the expansion and constriction of our arteries and vessels, as dictated by the temperature around us, it’s a no brainer that this service does what it’s suppose to. Due to the drastic changes in the thermostat of our atmosphere our body’s functions can be profoundly impacted, including circulation, metabolism, and our ability to detoxify. Some other benefits from receiving this service, amongst others, are promotion of balance, deep relaxation, recovering from injury, and helping to minimize inflammation- so this could possibly be a solution for older persons suffering from inflammation. (A doctor’s approval may be needed for certain individuals from any age group if suffering from certain health problems). The treatment is a generally safe practice and anyone is able to receive it, but sometimes we do have to err on the side of caution, especially for those certain individuals that may have sensitive health issues, so make sure it’s the right treatment for you before experiencing it.

But for the rest of us that don’t have any specific issues to worry about, the cold treatment revolution has begun, so take full advantage of it. And if you’re thinking “cold shower” then think again, because it’s more complex than that, so open your mind and experience it for yourself. Spas nationwide are always trying to figure out new intriguing creative ways to find your money into their bank accounts, but this will surely do it! The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, also in Atlanta, has a location in Hong Kong and it’s what they have named the “Ice Fountain” that brings health to everyone. In what can only be described as a human-sized ice machine, this sublimely fresh set-up does feature crushed ice in the basin of the spa, inviting spa-goers to lather their skin with coolness in between heat treatments. And if the “cold spa treatment” isn’t what you desire, or you can’t receive it for whatever the reason may be then the hot and cold stone massage may be another nice option for you, since it’s another form of a cold treatment but just not as intense.

But as hot and cold spa treatments have become popular and proven to be beneficial, not everyone will be diving head first to make an appointment to receive a cold spa treatment. If so, these certain individuals may want to consider sticking to heated services, and can schedule a less intensive service such as the hot and cold stone massage treatment. But as you become brave, you’ll want to schedule a cold treatment eventually to receive all of the benefits that derive from these specific treatments. The cold is a blessing, and comes with so many special benefits that’s especially needed to keep you and your body healthy. Cold is invigorating, flushing the organs and energizing the body, providing a unique and stimulating effect that heat cannot match- so the cold holds a plethora of benefits that needed not only for survival but just general health also.

Cold therapies are obviously great to try at a spa, but are also easy to apply at home. Just simply sit in a warm bath or steam shower, followed by a ten second cold water shower- and you’ll be flabbergasted at how exhilarating it feels. Okay, so you won’t be so surprised at how you might feel while taking a cold shower, after all, many people know about that quick rapid change of hot to cold water while showering. But regardless of how you choose to do your cold treatments, always remember to never start a cold water treatment, at home or other place, on a cold body. You want to always warm your skin first to stimulate the blood vessels, and remember to relax and to enjoy it because after all it’s for your benefit!

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