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How coffee speeds weight loss

Coffee, by any other name, is still as good ...
Coffee, by any other name, is still as good ...

When I was in college, I drank two eight-cup pots of coffee more days than not. This was scaled back to one ten-cup pot of coffee per day my first few years of teaching in the 70s.

Now they say coffee is good for you!

In 1979, a doctor told me I had to quit drinking coffee – cold turkey, no less – because it was not good for my health. Where was all the research about coffee being good for you which we now have when I needed it most?

While I have not yet resumed my prior level of coffee consumption, I do enjoy a cup of coffee, or two, occasionally. After reading the article in the September 15, 2014 issue of First for women magazine about the three ways coffee helps speed weight loss, I can see daily coffee consumption on the horizon. Here’s why.

Coffee speeds weight loss by:

Boosting metabolism – Coffee’s caffeine activates the body’s process of burning calories for heat (thermogenesis), helping to raise metabolism by 11%, according to research cited in a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This effect helped subjects who sipped one daily cup of coffee burn an extra 150 calories daily – enough to effortlessly shed 16 pounds a year.

Dialing down appetite – Drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning can curb hunger and reduce craving-stimulating blood sugar by 50% - and the effects last the entire day, report researchers from the USDA.

Optimizing liver function – Coffee contains polyphenols that promote healing and regeneration of liver cells and improve its ability to convert fat into usable fuel. Swiss researchers found that a daily dose of coffee can increase fat burn by as much as 29%.