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How churches have changed in the last ten years

Churches have changed in the last ten years
Churches have changed in the last ten years

According to an article in the Christian Post, churches have changed drastically in the last ten years. Perhaps you have noticed some significant changes in your home church if you have returned after been away for a while.

You might have noticed that choirs are disappearing. Research shows from 1998 to 2007, the percentage of churches with choirs decreased from 54% to 44%. The percentage of churches with choirs now is only 37%. A long time ago, almost every church had a choir that it was proud of. Today the choir has been replaced with a praise team, praise dancers, recorded music or instrumental music. If the church does have a choir, the members are not in uniform. They dress in jeans and anything else they want to dress in. Remember when choirs used to dress in robes.

Dress is more casual for everyone in the church. Very few preachers wear robes while preaching. Today they preach in a suit or even casual attire. In many churches, a man wearing a tie in a worship service is now among the few rather than the majority. Years ago, almost every woman wore a hat and gloves. Today, you still might find a few women wearing hats, that in the minority. You are not likely to find any woman wearing a pair of gloves in the entire church.

Years ago, putting a projection screen in the sanctuary during the worship service was considered a sacrilege. Now most churches have screens to show their PowerPoint presentations. And if churches have hymnals, the hymnals are largely ignored and the congregants follow along on the screens.

Preaching is much longer than it was years ago. The man or woman of the cloth these days thinks he or she has more to say then preachers in the past. However, there are some subjects preachers avoid and never preach. Attendees are more diverse. In the past, it was an all white congregation or an all black congregation. More worship attendees are attending larger churches. Churches with an attendance of 400 and up now account for 90% of all worship attendees. Inversely, those churches with an attendance of under 400 only account for 10% of worship attendees.

Sunday evening services are disappearing. Churches used to have special programs only on Sunday evenings. Today most churches have their anniversaries, and special events during the morning service because people just don't return and being in church all morning.

More movement is in the church today than in days when people listened to the preacher and didn't make the church look like a rock concert.

Churches don't appear to be as sacred as they used to me. Today, almost anything goes. Churches of yesterday were more structured. There were no high 5's or "touch your neighbor and say..." The congregation was not not told to give tithes and offering through PayPal or donate online.

Babies and young children used to stay with their parents instead of parents having a block with a number that buzzes with they need to go to the nursery to get their child.

No doubt churches today are not like they were in the first century when churches first stated with Paul, Timothy and Peter. Time has evolved and things have changed; however, we must remember that the church should fall too far from what Jesus expects to come back to...a church without a spot or wrinkle, according to Ephesians 5:27.

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