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How can you proactively delight your customers?

Google now remains proactive through making time saving suggestions
Google now remains proactive through making time saving suggestions

Exceptional customer service and support is the one differentiator for your business, no matter which industry you are in. Delivering exceptional service and support has become deeply important, and companies who lag in this regard, may find it difficult to stay in the race.

Reactive customer service remains the norm for most organizations, with the emergence and convergence of new customer service channels. By moving from reactive to proactive can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and retention. Want to delight your customers? Well, consider the results from the following research:

According to a survey of more than 2,000 customers, 87% of US adults reported being receptive to proactively being contacted by a company when it came to service and support. 73% of the customers, who were surveyed, reported having a positive change in their perception of an organization when they encountered a positive or pleasant experience with proactive communication from a brand. 62% of them reported taking action as a result of the positive experience.

The research finding suggests that it is extremely important for companies to focus on proactive communication with customers, yet only 29% of companies are investing in proactive outbound communications, according to the Forrsights Networks and Telecommunications Survey.

Customer expectations for real time updates and information are on a steady rise. New service channels such as social and mobile have also made it quite easier to reach out proactively to customers and still the progress is slow. How can companies engage in and benefit from proactive customer service, is what they should be asking themselves!

How Can You Engage In a More Proactive Customer Service and Delight Your Customers

Provide Alerts and Updates

Brands and service providers can use service channels, such as IVR messaging, knowledgebase, mobile and social updates to provide proactive information and service updates. Utility companies, for example, can use the mentioned channels to inform customers of service restoration times or provide updates on outages.

For retailers, they can use these channels in a number of ways to provide reactively proactive information. They can alert customers about price reductions, shipping specials, product availability, etc.

Make Time Saving Suggestions

Technology to make use of predictive analytics is catching up quite fast now. An example of this kind of service is Google Now, which collects information about you through your location and online researches to deduce what you might need before you even need it. Brands can utilize these analytics to improve customer experience dramatically.

Reach Out With a Random Act of Kindness

Brands can proactively delight their customers and impact individual customer experience by allowing their employees to practice a random act of kindness. Allow a 15-minute window to employees to reach out to one customer in a day through phone, email, social media to say thank you, happy birthday, or to present a small discount.

This requires extra effort and brands that incorporate these practices by delivering unexpected kindness to customers with no exception, attract customers and master what they are looking for today: authenticity!

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