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How can you help if you have no first aid skills?

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Although having first aid skills is preferable, there are ways for bystanders to help those who give first aid during an emergency, even if these bystanders have no first aid skills. Examples of such help might include:

  1. Calling 911 for an ambulance.
  2. Describing to the 911 operator the type of emergency, the number of victims, and any other questions the 911 operator needs to have answered in order to send the appropriate help.
  3. Going outside to guide the EMTs to the location of the victim.
  4. Gathering up empty containers and vomit for eventual analysis in the case of a poisoning victim.
  5. Keeping people from crowding too close to the victim and interfering with the rescue efforts.
  6. Helping to keep friends and family members of the victim calm.
  7. Setting up road flares or directing traffic safely around a road accident.
  8. Bringing a first aid kit to the person administering the first aid.
  9. Serving as a translator between the victim and the person administering the first aid.
  10. Helping a first aid administrator to assess the first aid emergency by telling her what happened just before the unconscious victim had the accident until the time that the first aid administrator began helping the victim.
  11. Following the instructions of the first aid administrator to help move the victim, if the first aid administrator believes a move is necessary.
  12. Following the instructions of the first aid administrator to help roll the victim on his side when he is vomiting.

During an emergency, a skilled first aid administrator will announce that he is trained. Once a bystander has this assurance, it is time for the bystander to become an obedient follower who will help the first aid administrator to be at his best. The bystander should follow the instructions of the skilled first aid administrator and also should carry out any of the above helpful activities as well.

Have you ever encountered and emergency when you were a first aid administrator or a helpful bystander? Please comment below.