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How can preppers bathe on cold days during a power blackout?

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During a power blackout , preppers need to have redundant plans for everything, including body hygiene. Not many preppers, for example, will want to take traditional baths or showers when it is cold inside of their houses. Poor body hygiene, however, will not only make them feel and smell bad, but also will put them at risk for skin diseases. None of these problems would be beneficial to the morale and focus of prepper families who are huddling in their houses during an extended power blackout.

A sponge bath is one way for preppers to avoid becoming too chilled. In cold houses, preppers can wash themselves body part by body part.

While using this method, the only body part not warmly bundled up will be the body part that currently is being washed. The preppers’ body parts that could be consecutively washed, dried, and immediately recovered with clothing are the:

  1. Right leg, buttock, and hip.
  2. Left leg, buttock, hip, and groin area.
  3. Right arm and back.
  4. Left arm, stomach, and chest.
  5. Head and neck.

Between the washing of their individual body parts, preppers can take plenty of time to recover any body heat lost during the washing of their individual body parts. Holding padded hot water bottles next to their bodies can help them to preserve and regain their body heat. Also, creating a small, indoor tent would help to keep the bathing area warmer and would give privacy to the person who is taking the bath.

The elderly or ill relatives of preppers might not have the focus, flexibility, or strength to wash and dry themselves in this manner. Thus, they might need the help from their younger relatives.

Very young children also might not have the ability to wash and dry themselves in this manner. Thus, their parents would have to help them.

Can you think of any other such modifications that preppers will have to make in order to maintain good body hygiene? Please comment below.