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How can I shop online and also save money?

In today's world where technology is the center of much of our lives, doing shopping online has become a popular choice for any household. In the past, shopping online was limited to people who did other business online and were accustomed to the way that businesses ran and payments were submitted. Now that things have progressed, websites have very secure ways to pay and to shop, and that makes it more of an attractive option for even those who may have been wary of doing it before. In addition, there are so many online deals available that shopping online simply cannot be ignored.

What kind of discounts are available?

Free Shipping

◦ One of the downsides of buying merchandise online is that you do have to pay to have it shipped to your house. Not only do you have to pay to have it shipped, but you have to wait while the item is shipped to you. While you do have the choice to upgrade shipping so that it arrives to you at a faster rate, that only makes the shipping charges increase more. Free shipping coupons can be very helpful, especially if you order early or are not concerned about how long it will take for your item to arrive.

Buy “x”, get “x” free

◦ Some coupons advertise that if you “Buy one of an item, you will get one free.” These coupons usually are intended for items that are of equal or lesser value. There are some deals that offer a free item if you buy two. These are specific to stores, so keep an eye on how much you have to buy and what price the item is that you receive for free.

Take a percentage off the total

◦ These coupons can be the most valuable because they usually give you a rather large amount of a discount from your total. Be careful when using these coupons because they do sometimes require specific shopping stipulations, such as spending a certain amount of money or keeping away from sale items. You also are only allowed to use these coupons one time in most situations.

Free item with shipping only

◦ Some companies offer people with a chance to try out their product for a fraction of the price by offering the item for free but requiring the person buying it to pay shipping costs. This is a great business strategy because it can give people a chance to try products with hopes that they will like them and return to buy them at full price.


◦ Sometimes businesses will offer a product for a complete price, but will give buyers the opportunity to mail in a proof-of-purchase and/or receipt and have a portion of the total refunded in form of a rebate.

What are some categories of items that have deals online?

• Clothing
• Technology
• Small appliances
• Home Decoration

No matter what type of item you are looking to buy, there is most likely some kind of coupon available online that will save you money when you may not have that option buying it in person.