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How can I keep track of my eating patterns?

First you make your choices, then, your choices make you.

How can I keep track of my eating patterns?

Keeping track of eating patterns does not need to be an all-out time consuming ordeal. You can make substantial progress tracking in stages, or, tracking specific and important information.

Try this for continued success:

  1. Track your Food Choices for 3 days. Write down everything, including liquids.
  2. After the initial 3 days then simply monitor your -
  • Fruit and Vegetable Serving Intake or Fiber Intake
  • Protein Intake
  • Water Intake
  • "Wasted" food choices - meaning the items you wish you had not eaten.

You will gain valuable insight into your patterns and choices every time you do this exercise. To simplify further, you could track one or two of these at a time, instead of attempting to track everything at once.

Further, if you want to keep track of your weight, I would suggest self-weighing once per week and tracking this in your diary. Weekly self-weighing has been shown to aid individuals with preventing weight gain.

An additional method is a comparison model.

  1. Track the choices that you felt good about versus the choices you regretted.
  2. Track the environment/ circumstances and thoughts that led to these choices.
  3. Read the information daily to gain memory of how you think in those situation to better prepare for the next time.

To your health,


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