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How can I keep a man interested?

There's a question on the minds of many women. What is that question? It's this question: How can I keep a man interested?

How can you keep him wanting more?
Photo by Slaven Vlasic

From single women to marry women, women are always looking for ways to keep their men interested. No woman wants to be cheated on but all women want to be loved.

As a woman, it's important to know there's a difference between getting a man interested and keeping him interested in you.

To put it short, you have to keep the newness going about you and how he feels being with you. And no you do not have to chase him down to keep him. You do not have to degrade yourself to keep him. This is true if you have a real man. If you have a bum or a man child, trust you will do plenty of chasing and degrading of yourself. And trust me, no man is worth that.

You're the prize.

Here are ways you can keep your man interested:

1. Take a genuine interest in his hobbies. This will inspire him to open up to you more and more. When he can be himself around you, there's a good chance he will learn to trust you and care for you.

2. Showcase your talent and interest. I mean your real talents. Don't let everything be physical. Let him know what you can offer that no other woman can. God made you unique. Show the man you care for how special you are.

3. Laugh with him and at him. If you're comfortable enough to get physical with someone, you should be comfortable enough to enjoy life with him. Laugh together. Have fun together. We only live once. Live it up.

4. Be supportive. I mean really supportive. Help him become the man he wants to be. Don't care for him like a mother. Care for him like the caring and nurturing woman you are in private and public. You don't know how much it means to a man to be there for him. He should be there for you as well.

5. Take care of yourself. When you truly love and respect yourself, a worthy man will learn how to love and respect you just as much.

6. Don't revolve your life around him. Remember, you had a life before him. Keep that life and share your world with him. This will help him understand that you respect that he had a life before you. Never be too available to a man to keep him having to earn you. Never let him get too comfortable, that's when no good men are prone to mistreat you and mislead you. Hopefully you're sharing your valuable time with a man worth it.

Happy loving.

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