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How can I have Great Sex Frequently?

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘ I wish I could have great sex all the time,’? It’s a question that crosses our mind at some point in our sex life. Some of us have great sex more than others. Some of us have never had great sex and only get our kicks from hearing our friends talk about their great sex encounters. It’s life. It happens. You can have great sex too and more often. I am here to tell you how.

How can you have more Great Sex?
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What is the Key to having Great Sex?

I am no doctor or scientist,but the key to great sex is emotions. If you and your partner’s emotions are not on the same level, there’s a good chance you have not experienced mind blowing sex. It’s totally different than the quick shag.

When I use the word emotions, I am talking about the connection you have with your sex partner. There’s empty sex and there’s great sex. You want the later.

I know many Millennials are afraid to get emotionally attached but being a chump in life will get you no where. Being afraid to be emotionally attached will leave you on the short end of any romantic relationship you enter.

The physical pleasure you can enjoy from sex increases when there’s a deeper level of emotional attachment. The erotic bond of cuddling and kissing can improve the quality of your sex. In fact, having a stable sex partner can get you comfortable enough to have great sex every time. You just have to speak your mind and listen to your sex partner’s needs.

Not to mention sex is the essence of life. Drop the one night stands and casual sex encounters. Stop being afraid to get emotionally attached and I can promise you great sex is just around the corner.

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