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How can I change my Casual Sex Relationship to a Committed Relationship?

Did you know 80 Percent of Young Teens Have No Sexual Education Before Having Sex? According to the CDC ( the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it’s true. Although teen pregnancy rates are reduced, there’s still work to be done in improving the quality of sexual education in America.

How can you inspire him to claim you after sex?
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Prior to first time sex, the majority of teens 15 to 17 years of age in the United States do not receive formal sex education in school or at home. This data is alarming because there’s so many dangers that come from sexual intercourse if you find yourself with an untrustworthy sex partner - deadly STDS, unwanted births and emotional distress are inevitable.

It’s okay to talk about sex. Having sex is nothing to be ashamed about. Protect yourself and your partner at all times and know that sex can always lead to pregnancy no matter how careful you may be. This is why it’s important to not have sex with people who don’t care about you and don’t appreciate you. You can learn more information about sexual education on the CDC National Prevention Information Network ( NPIN).

Sex plays a major role in most romantic relationships, for better or worse. For women sex is constantly an emotionally charged action. If a woman says it’s not, she’s lying. It’s biology for a woman to feel emotionally charged when it comes to sex. Sex can get a woman emotionally and personally attached with the wrong or right partner. Luckily, women are the gatekeepers of their sexuality. But who are the gatekeepers of relationship commitment? It’s not the women but the men that make the ultimate decision on whether commitment will happen after sex. This is why you will find many women have a love-hate relationship with sex.

A woman can wait months and years in fear whether a man truly loves her or just killing time before he finds something better, yet women will still give of their bodies and time while “waiting” to see if the man will bring commitment to the relationship to the next level.

If you find yourself battling a man to commit to your relationship and claim you, there’s a way to turn that relationship to a happy and healthy relationship ( only if he is a real man).

As many women know, guys absolutely love sex, but that doesn’t mean a man loves you because he loves having sex with you. A man will never stay with you simply for sex, but if you’re giving it up they will stick around until they are bored with you. You don’t want that.

Remember, finding someone to hook up with is easy. What is hard is finding someone that loves you. A man that loves you will make a big investment into your relationship.

To get a decent dude to commit,you need to fulfill yourself, not desire for him to fulfill you. Every powerful man has a powerful woman by his side, that has his back. Embrace your feminine magnetism. When you do that on the regular, a great man cannot help but value you because you know you’re a high value woman. Visit for more tips on being the woman that any man worth the time cannot help but commit.

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