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How can I build up my emotional strength to find real love?

Are you tired of being let down in the dating world? You can change your luck in 2014 by improving your emotional strength. Getting snubbed at dating or dating someone that was never worthy of your love could make you give up on love altogether.

You can change your outlook on dating for the better by feeling more confident about your ability to find real love. You’re as worthy as the next person to find someone that truly loves you for you. No cheating on you. No lying. No emotional abuse. No physical abuse.

In dating we attract what we believe we deserve. When you are emotionally stronger, you become resilient to the daily stresses that come with finding real love in a casual dating society.

Anytime a person has a low self-esteem, he/she is more likely to take rejection harder than those that have a high self esteem. In fact, having a low self-esteem could position you to withdraw more from people and prevent you from finding a decent lover.

You attract what you believe you deserve at the moment. If you don’t think highly of yourself, you end up indirectly or directly attracting those only out for casual sex. Those people seeking only the physical have no self respect or respect for you, so don’t waste your time.

People learn to respect you by what you decide to put up with or not. Don’t let normal levels of dating stress take over your life. You are enough. There’s someone out there hoping to meet someone like you.

The start of 2014 is the perfect time to build up your emotional immune system so you can prepare yourself to receive the blessing of real love. Let go of the what ifs. What if you fail…so what. Failure is an essential component of succeeding.

Everyday is a great day to tell yourself you’re worthy of great love and happiness. You have what it takes to find real love.

A great way to boost up your emotional immune system and prepare yourself to meet the love of your life, you should take the time to write a list of the great qualities you have as a person. You’re loyal. You’re considerate. You’re emotionally available. You’re supportive.

These are all great traits great lovers have . If you feel like you’re lacking, it’s time to clean house and invest in improving yourself.

Watch the video to see what red flags you should love for in dating.

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