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How can companies recruit critical thinkers?

How can companies recruit critical thinkers?
How can companies recruit critical thinkers?

Filling new job positions can be difficult. You just can’t tell that much about a person from their resume. It’s important to attract a certain type of person for a job if you want them to be successful in their position. The main overarching personality trait employers should look for is critical thinking, but how do you find it?

There are certain techniques you can employ in an interview to find the critical thinkers. Most people are programmed to come up with vanilla responses to vanilla interview questions, and it can be so automatic anyone can do it. Throw your interviewees a curve ball and really make them think about their answers.

For starters, ask unusual questions like, “how many golf balls would fit in a school bus?” Of course they won’t be able to give you the exact right answer, but you can test their thought process in action. Asking them why manhole covers are round is another great way to engage their thought process so you can see their critical thinking skills in action.

Gauging a potential employee’s critical thinking skills can help a potential employer determine a number of things. For starters, will this employee be a good fit for your company? Will this employee be committed? Is this person a critical thinker? Is this person going to be an affordable member of your team?

Most employees only stick around for 4.4 years these days, so it is critical to hire the right person for the job. Millennials are soon to be the largest percentage of the workforce, and most of them only expect to stay in a job for three years or less. There just isn’t time to train them to think critically before they move on to their next position.

Learn more about new interview techniques from this infographic. You may change the way you conduct interviews in the future.