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How Can Business Phone Systems Improve Corporate Communications?

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Corporate communications are important in order to create a strong brand image. It includes all activities that improve employee performance and team building. Strengthening internal communications helps staff members become a cohesive team, which will be appreciated by customers because it creates a professional environment that they can rely on.

Most corporate communication tactics have a lot to do with management style. However, technology can be of great assistance for business success. Purchasing a business phone system from providers like (linked before), provides useful tools that employees can make the most of. Here are some tips to improve corporate communications using a multitasking telephone system:

1. Train Staff to Use the Phone System

As user-friendly as most of these systems are, it takes some training to use them at their full capacity. Taking the time to show employees all of the available phone system features will save time in the future. This is because immediate users will know how to use the device effectively and use the most suitable feature for the task at hand.

2. Define Staff Responsibilities

Enabling call routing and transfers will only be effective if employees know who to direct customers to. Managers need to define roles and allow autonomy to help employees provide better service and make quick decisions.

3. Consider a VoIP Phone System

Leading-edge VoIP phones (like the ones offered by are ideal for multitaskers. The advanced technology opens the door for unlimited contact, better data handling, and more efficient customer reach initiatives. All of these are important to keep track of business communication activities and future evaluations.

4. Encourage Staff Interaction

According to statistic released by, employees spend 20 % of their time seeking for internal information and help from their colleagues. Business phone systems can help improve such internal communications, even while a caller is on hold. This lowers the chance that employees will lose time and neglect the caller.

5. Integrate Other Tools

If you are using a VoIP phone system, it will be easier to access call data and analyze it for marketing or customer service purposes. You can even use a CRM software and optimize the process.

The most important thing is to make sure that the business phone system fits your strategy and takes advantage of all the features that it has to offer.

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