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How can an "Elf" deliver you to work and help clean up the air?

When "Elf," is used in this article, it isn't describing one of the helpers of Santa Claus, but rather a "Human-Electric Hybrid Vehicle."

The Elf is a small three wheeled pedal/electric car, which could save you the money you pay for gasoline, help clean our precious air and give you the daily exercise regiment you need. Rod Cotter is the founder and CEO of the Durham, N.C.-based Organic Transit, which makes the Elf:. The vehicle is fully described by Cotter as, "An ovoid, semi-enclosed, solar-chargeable, plug-in, bike-lane-legal, electric pedal car. It has a 1-hp (750-watt) electric motor in the rear wheel hub and a lithium battery pack, or two, snugged into the center frame rail aft of the front wheel stand, and a plastic canopy to keep the weather off drivers." He goes on to declare, "The Elf proposes a solution for urban commuters who want to leave the car at home but can’t quite hack the rigors of a conventional bicycle."

With new regulations opening up doors for these type vehicles on our roadways, there will need to be some defined laws regarding safety to the operators of these vehicles. As of now, most are confined to the bike lanes only. Watch the video in this article, and decide for yourself if you believe this concept will proceed forward.

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