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How Breakdowns can lead to a Breakthrough


How breakdowns can lead to breakthrough
Breakdowns, whether emotional or literal, offer an opportunity to let go, to float, and discover the gentleness that lives deep in the heart of each of us. They can lead us to a breakthrough of growth and expansion we might not have been able to get to otherwise.
All too often we get way too caught up in the details of our everyday lives, spinning from one thing to the next without allowing room for a breath. We go and go and go and even when it's time to rest, to lie down and sleep, we are wound so tight we often cannot relax. This creates a rigidity that no longer allows us to move with the rhythms of life.
There is a rhythm of life, a flow, that in our natural state we are able to move easily with, gliding from one moment to the next with no interruptions. We are flexible creatures, able to adapt to our surroundings and move with the tides. Like a rubber band we have the ability to stretch and reform, stretch a little farther and reform again, snapping back to our original shape. A rubber band that is stretched too far too often though can lose its original relaxed shape and sometimes will even become brittle and break, severing it from what was previously being held together.
It is in that moment of severing, that moment when it all seems to fall apart, that we are at our greatest. We have a beautiful opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to start over with new understanding and clarity. What is important to notice in the severing is the freedom to have a new experience. Things are no longer the same, a new relationship has formed and possibilities that were not previously perceptible become crystal clear.
A storm has great strength that, in one quiet moment, can change the world. It has the power to break down barriers and clear the way for what is coming next. In the same way, a breakdown can remind us that it is time to slow down, regroup, take a breath, and dream. It can be a time of remembering what is really important and letting go of what's not. When the swirling chaos is at its height it can seem like we will never survive, that everything that we love will be lost in the melee. It is then important to remember that the storm does pass and the sun will break through the clouds and shine warmly on the newness that has been uncovered.
We often fight the breakdowns, however, which can make them more painful and terrifying. We resist change, doing something different, and letting go. We throw ourselves down like a 4-year old who wants his own way and refuse to budge as the world around us falls away, often getting hit on the head with flying debris. But we do have a choice. We can sit up and take notice. We can move out of the way and surrender to the movement, finding the gratitude for what's being uncovered.
Unfortunately for many of us, it is only when we go through horrible and tragic experiences that we have a breakthrough. We discover the importance of family, the importance of friends, and significance of religion in our lives. Why does it take us so long to have these breakthroughs' when all these things are in front of us 24/7? Why must we suffer to see the light? Why can't we just realize the importance of these things without all of that pain?
It is because we think we are powerful beings. We don't think we need help. We don't think we need anyone. We forget that God created us and knows us inside and out, he made you the powerful and successful' being that you are. It is only when we are helpless that we realize the only way to get out of the hole we dug for ourselves is to cry for help. It is only then you recognize how miniscule you are in this gigantic universe, how helpless you are in this realm of things. Better late than never but better now than too late
Breakdowns are blessings in disguise. The good news is that the bigger the breakdown, the bigger theopportunity for  breakthrough ~ as individuals and collectively. Our society and the world as a whole are breaking down. The societal fabric that has held things together is unraveling. This is the breakdown of what we have been used to so that something new and better can be created. We can see by all the fear, distrust, separation, war, greed, famine, hate, and destruction that the breakdown is huge.
Breakdowns are not easy to deal with but when it is over it is well worth every tear. I am still amazed that I am standing where I am today. I do not wish for anyone to have a breakdown but if it takes them somewhere better than I fully support you. Praying for all who encounter these breakdowns, the silver lining will show itself until you can see the sun, God will show himself faithful if you will only open you world and heart to him.
Remember "It's always darkest before the dawn."
Generally, we live settled in our comfort zones, and when our foundations are shaken, the freak out factor can go off the charts. Whether we like it or not, we must go through these "dark times/dark nights of the soul" to come out more in line with who we truly are. The world is in a dark night of the soul right now, yet this is a great opening for us all.
Those who see this time as an opportunity to shed all that no longer serves us (breakdown) realize that we can help evolve our own consciousness and become more aware of the presence of God and our need for him and condition of the world(breakthrough). The way for each of us to do this is to commit more deeply to our own growth and healing, for as we heal, we also raise the hope of the those around us. Now is the time to strengthen our spiritual dedication and our connection to God , and move through our breakdowns, as we can help create a tremendous shift in our life’s. God will be there to help us  transition through our personal/worldwide breakdowns to the next stage of breakthroughs.
We have to realize that our breakdowns are the gateways of growth. When we gather our courage and deeply probe our breakdowns, we find ourselves moving through them faster, and integrating the changes more easily. To assist ourselves, we can ask what lessons we are supposed to learn from our breakdowns. We can ask for more information to help us go from a place of fear and not knowing, to a place of knowing and trust. We can ask to be given God’s guidance to help us shift into the breakthrough we are being moved towards. Doing all this will distinguish us from a society caught up in fear, worry, survival and anxiety.
We must realize we are different, making aware choices which can differ vastly from the majority of people. We need to associate with those who support us and help us maintain a high-motivation. Spend time and energy with kindred spirits. Find people who can help to work through the breakdowns, so that we may make our shifts more smoothly. It's time to release whatever hurts, hang-ups and habits we are carrying around. Lots of it is stuff we haven't gotten complete with or don't even know is there. All forward movement with breakdowns opens us up to huge breakthrough opportunities. If you're stuck, ask for help, because as the song goes "We all need somebody to lean on."
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Some breakdowns we can handle on our own, and some we need assistance with. In these times, get all the support needed. Our job is to open ourselves and find someone we resonate with who can help us move through our breakdowns to experience the breakthroughs. There are many practitioners available to be of service to us on this path. Remember, if you are a child of god , our purpose is to shine brightly. If not now, when?
Even if you're in a million pieces on the floor, every one of those pieces belong to you and God is strong enough to put your puzzle back together, a lot of time creating a more beautiful picture than what was shown on the outside of the box.
So, go ahead, recognize the process for what it is, a chance to be rid of the old, and surrender to God and ask Him too gracefully, direct and guide you through to the other side. To show his purpose for your life and equip and empower you to fulfill it
May God bless you not just today but in the days ahead also, I will be praying
Michael Clark
Addiction counselor and chaplain
Christ Church on Greenland road has an excellent and well established Celebrate recovery program that is a faith based program and works at dealing with the underlying issues that lead one to want a reprieve from reality by substance abuse. They also offer codependency study groups and groups from multiple addictions not only drugs and alcohol. If you would like more information you can contact them at  and they will assist you in find a celebrate recovery program in the jacksonville area.
There are also Alcoholics Anonymous(AA)  and Narcotics Anonymous (NA)groups in the Jacksonville for support and encouragement in you journey either a person suffering from addiction or a person living with someone who is addicted. Both of the programs offer Al Anon for the family members of a person suffering from addiction.
You can follow Michael at  where he blogs ,Wed,Fri and connect with him on facebook at and Networked Blogson Mon


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