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How 'bout them O's

Orioles win against Red Sox, 9-6
Orioles win against Red Sox, 9-6
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

It may not be Charlie Sheen 'WINNING' this time, but the Baltimore Orioles sure are. They now have the best record in baseball, 19-9. Making headlines for their winning streak was nothing like the buzz from this Sunday's game against the Red Sox.

The O’s were winning 5-0 until it became tied. The game went into extra innings; not just a few – but 17 innings. Both teams ran out of relief pitchers and had to pull position players to the mound.

Chris Davis, 1B for the Orioles was now pitching after he went 0-8 at the plate. Davis pitched two scoreless innings to beat the Red Sox 9-6. The Orioles swept the weekend series against Boston and Baltimore fans are feeling the magic.

Davis said in post-game "I pitched some in college, but this was totally different."

I would say that he definitely redeemed himself by not having a good day at bat.

Some are joking that Davis should be the next Cy Young winner or to put him in rotation. This was a historic moment since a win like that hasn’t happened since 1968.

Orioles magic, feel it happen.

Why do you think the Orioles are so hot?

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