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How body contouring procedures offer a dramatic effect after significant weight

Post bariatric body contouring surgery is considered for many as the last step in their weight loss journey.
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For those who decided to undergo a bariatric surgery or dropped a hundred pounds or more on their own, the goals they have personally achieved are immense. It’s an incredible feat and one filled with so many healthy and personal rewards.

Following such a weight loss, however, some people are left with what is called, redundant skin.

After skin has been stretched to help accommodate the weight gain, it is unable to be restored to where it was once before. This will leave stretched, excess skin in particular areas such as:



*Upper arms

*Face and neck

*Upper thighs


San Diego body contouring surgery is a common plastic surgery practice, however, finding a surgeon who specializes in post bariatric body contouring surgery is a better recommendation for patients who have dropped a considerable amount of weight.

Generally, the right candidates for this surgery include the following:

*Adult men and women leading a healthy and active lifestyle

*Adult men and women at a stable weight for a significant period of time


*Adult men and women without medical issues which could impede surgery or recovery

Post bariatric body contouring surgery will help remove the excess skin which may cause a person’s shape to appear disproportionate. The goal of this procedure is to not only remove redundant skin, but to reshape the contours of a patient’s body for a more attractive silhouette.

Oftentimes, San Diego plastic surgeons specializing in this procedure utilize liposuction with the surgery. They may consider using the liposuction as a surgical tool, which in many modalities, can expedite the procedure.

Patients who research this surgery have done a great deal of homework prior to seeing a plastic surgeon for a consultation. Online forums have been an incredible resource to garner information and stay up-to-date on procedures and methods.

For both patients and surgeons, this type of body contouring surgery is very rewarding.

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