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How Big Rims Affect Your Ride

Work XT7 rims
Work XT7 rims

Rims are one of the most noticeable changes on your ride, whether big or small, wide or narrow rims individualize your ride. The truth of the matter is that the size of your wheels affect fuel mileage and the life of your transmission, understanding how this works will help you in making the right choice for your wheels.

Fuel Economy

Most car enthusiast knows fuel mileage is going to suffer because you cant have fuel efficiency and good performance. Even with all the variable valve timing the manufactures are coming out with it still boils down to the truth, you are trying to push more air and fuel into your engine at specific ratios in order to achieve more horsepower.

With wheels,

bigger your go

the more fuel you will waste.


Performance is very important to racers but when it comes to show cars it only matters how big and how good those wheels look. so whats wrong with having big wheels? Lets start with the basics, the bigger the rim the heavier it is and for racers lighter rims are ideal, if your rims are to large than you have to get your transmission calibrated for them. Transmissions come from the factory built to handle the rim size that the vehicle is built with, going bigger means there is more wheel to turn. for example the gears on a ten speed bike, the gears are different sizes and each one makes it either easier or harder on you to pedal, imagine the same concept but the person driving the bike is the transmission.

The Not So Secret Rule

For all vehicles the general rule is that

you can go two sizes larger

If you go any bigger you must calibrate your transmission because your speedometer reads off of the transmission and bigger tires will change the speed your gears are rotating inside your transmission. For racing you want light weight wheels and not to big, besides smaller tires give you better acceleration. Bigger tires are not always the best way to go if your a racer, no matter how good they look.

Driver safe and keep the racing on the track my fellow tuners.

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