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How Beyonce Got Jay-Z to Put a Ring On IT

Simple but Stylish
Simple but Stylish
Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

Beyonce is claiming her throne of being a Fashion Icon. The Houston, TX native has made gradual changes in her style, over the course of many years. Her style has been followed by many but some does it no justice. Beyonce is a well proportioned performer/ entrepreneur that take pride in her appearance where ever she goes.

From those who do not know by now, Beyonce has a clothing line, House of Derreon. Beyonce Knowles has been an inspiration to women`s fashion through this personal brand, as well as through her personal style. House of Dereon was first introduces to the media in September of 2004, by Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles. Every since then, this brand has been won the hearts of many fashionistas.

Many people think it takes a lot of effort to look good but that myth is far from true. Beyonce proved that women have multiple options to choose from, in order to look good in a flash from make-up to wardrobe. First, do your daily cleansing activities. Then all you need for wardrobe is: a pair of skinnies, a fitted tee, and either a trendy pair of flats, wedges, or pumps. Pull your hair back into a stylish pony tail or bun, where it down, or put a few curls in it. You decide. As for make-up, take a black eye liner and line the eyes, top and bottom, fill your eyebrows in, add lipstick/ lip gloss, and mascara. Now you are done. It should only take you 15 minutes max to achieve this typical Beyonce look. You will get faster each day.

Women get it together in terms of style. Not only does looking good get you “stop and stares”, but also it will give you a sense of greater confidence and super powers. So live everyday as a runway like Houston`s finest, Beyonce, is doing. From her lavish style to her on-going business approach, we now see why Jay-Z put a ring on it. Until then, set your own trends, set your own standards, and create your own atmosphere. Be Fierce.