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How Baltimore and others embraced the National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer
National Day of Prayer

Pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17

It hasn’t been yet a full 24 hours since the nation celebrated what is now considered a National Day of Prayer. Although some have disputed the day as being "unconstitutional" it hasn't stopped the nation from honoring the day in which we all gather together in collective prayer.

Consequently for most Christians, congregations, ministries and others, one day simply isn’t enough. Promise Land Church Ministries of Baltimore is among many church ministries in the city who hold weekly prayer sessions lifting up their prayer requests to God ranging from individual petitions to world-wide issues and concerns.

On yesterday, perusing through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there were many “trends” to be observed. However across the board here is a list of the 5 issues (not in any particular order) that were more than likely made a priority by many prayer groups, teams and individuals across the country.

  1. The President/Government – particularly surrounding the recent news reported on the of death of Osama bin Laden
  2. The military
  3. Survivors of the disasters in both Japan and Alabama
  4. Prayer to comfort those mourning the loss of loved ones
  5. Depression/Suicide

Additionally there were many requests and side conversations pertaining to the economy, the job market and even gas prices.With so many discouraging things that are occurring (just as it is written) almost every day, it is easy to become fearful and afraid but Jesus said “let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe also in me.” Now is the time to gather the flock and seek and save those that are not only lost but those who have lost hope in. In a world consumed with anger, violence, disaster and destruction, prayer is one strong antidote that most believers incorporate in their daily lives.

On this day and every day, be encouraged to know that “the prayers of the righteous availeth much.“ James 5:16


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