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How Atlanta delivery service is meeting customer needs

AQuickDelivery recently announced it would institute wait time charges
AQuickDelivery recently announced it would institute wait time charges

An important factor in the delivery of first-class customer service is the ability to identify and meet your customers’ needs. One Atlanta-based company has done just that, with the addition of a service to meet the demands of some customers. AQuickDelivery, an Atlanta courier service, has recently announced wait-time charges for same day deliveries, to accommodate customers who require that service to ensure a proper delivery of products.

Wait Times Based on Customer Request
In a company press release, AQuickDelivery announced it would institute wait time charges in the interest of providing the highest level of service to customers. The company also expects the move to improve on-time delivery ratios and increase sales growth for the business. Wait charges will be $.75 per minute when a driver waits at either point in a delivery for more than 10 minutes. Straight truck wait times will be assessed at $.50 per minute.

AQuickDelivery altered their policy after determining some of their customers needed the wait time option to ensure deliveries meet tight deadlines. The charges allow for a driver to either wait to pick up a package or wait for someone to arrive to receive the delivery. Customers will have the peace of mind in knowing their packages are delivered properly to the destination.

Orders for courier service with AQuick Delivery can be placed either online or by phone. If an order is placed online, there is a place on the order form for customers to make a notation if a wait time is requested. Customers also have the option of calling the company directly to ensure the wait time request is correctly noted.

About AQuickDelivery
AQuickDelivery offers same-day distribution and transportation services for businesses of all sizes throughout the United States. Currently, the company boasts an active client list of more than 1,500 companies, including some Fortune 500 businesses. The company uses partner businesses to provide services to customers outside the Atlanta area.

AQuickDelivery prides itself on its ability to offer prompt, reliable delivery service 365 days of the year. The company is dedicated to a high level of customer service and support. Services offered by AQuickDelivery include:

• On-call and scheduled deliveries
• Warehousing and fulfillment
• Big box pickup
• Facilities management
• Private mail center
• Fleet solutions

The company promises same-day delivery regardless of the size or weight of the package to be sent. The company employees a staff of delivery professionals who are trained to find the most efficient method of delivery for each package, including ground and sky transportation. The company offers guarantees with its deliveries to give customers peace of mind in knowing their packages will make it safely to the correct destination and on time.

Now, AQuickDelivery is expanding its service offerings to accommodate customers that require wait times for package transportation. This new feature is just one more example of how this local company knows the importance of listening to customers, identifying customer needs, and finding the most efficient way to meet those needs.

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