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How are you contractually obligated to pay for deceased relatives' debts?

How do I owe that?
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What exactly happened to a little common sense? When was it exactly that people started being hoodwinked into believing that somehow, some relative out there somewhere, should be held responsible for another person's debts after they died? Didn't contracts used to commonly state that obligations died when the person signing them died?

With many banks and other creditors receiving easy money at zero percent interest and then turning around and charging exorbitant amounts of interest to all the rest of us, haven't they already made enough of a return to just let the deceased rest in peace? Holding their "estate" responsible has gotten to be completely ridiculous and the ever-increasing acceptance of it, complete lunacy.

If it was a contract, the person signing it was the only party responsible to pay it until it is either paid off or they are no longer among the living. If they die before it is paid off, too bad! That should be just one of the risks a creditor takes. If a creditor wants to be protected in case of death, then maybe the creditor should pay for insurance for that purpose.

As this ridiculous practice has become more and more accepted as commonplace, the IRS now has gone completely off the chain. In a recent story from Fox News' "The Kelly File", it was reported that relatives of deceased family members are now having their tax returns all of a sudden confiscated just to find out that it was to pay a debt owed by some relative that may have died decades ago, supposedly owing them money. The story goes on to discuss a statute of limitations that is apparently no longer in effect which stated that the IRS could only try to collect such a debt going back 10 years. Debating about whether Congress repealed that law or the man on the moon repealed it should not be the discussion. The sudden confiscation of somebody else's money to pay a debt they did not even personally owe sure sounds like it should be a crime to me. What proof is there, if any, that the debt was ever even legitimate in the first place? And what family member is somehow obligated to now pay someone else's debt? Are they taking money from every living relative that had a refund coming back until the debt is supposedly satisfied?

This is nuts! Accepting it, would even be crazier.

How about we start repealing any and all "laws" on the books that don't just let the deceased and their relatives rest in peace? If creditors or the government want assurance that someone won't die before a debt is paid off, they should pay for their own insurance to protect themselves.

There is no common sense left! One great example of this is the fact that we have long accepted being forced to pay large amounts of money for "full-coverage" car insurance to protect THE LENDER in case something happens to THEIR vehicle before we pay it off. Has it ever occurred to anyone else........Why are the lenders not paying the collision coverage part of insuring the vehicle since it is THEIR vehicle and if destroyed, THEY are the party that gets the CHECK? Career politicians have long taken campaign contributions to pass some of these outrageous bills into "law".

Isn't it about time that we stop being played for fools and start actually thinking about some of the stupidity we accept on a daily basis? I certainly hope a little common sense and a lot of outrage by the American people will finally begin to rise to the top.

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