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How are "Valerie" & "Sissy" doing-Day 21: The Readers want to know...

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Thank you everyone for expressing your concern for and interest in how the rescue horses "Valerie" & "Sissy" are doing at Betsy's Lost Hearts and Souls Horse Rescue".

More Photos

Drumroll...they are doing great! Recovering slowly but surely, day by day, inch by inch.

I've included before and Day 21 photos...isn't that incredible!?! Amazing!?! Phenomenal!?! Fantastic!

What a difference 21 days of TLC can do!

I'm so proud of Betsy, and so thrilled for "Valerie"!

You go Girls!!!

Betsy wrote on October 2nd: "I'll send you some updated photo's of Sissy also, remarkable change in her. She is younger and took to the rehab faster due to her condition not being as bad in the begining."

"Valerie's Rear end is filling out, fat is filling around the muscle now, urine burns on her inner thighs being washed daily and meds is clearing up."

(The photos are crazy...I'll attach them later today!)