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How Apps Can Allow Your Patients to Practice Better Dental Hygiene

How Apps Can Allow Your Patients to Practice Better Dental Hygiene
How Apps Can Allow Your Patients to Practice Better Dental Hygiene

Since there are apps for everything, it's no surprise to discover that some apps can actually benefit your smile. From apps for kids to apps designed for adults, these platforms can enhance your dental hygiene practices and help you understand the ins and outs of dental care.

Dental Expert

When you want to thoroughly understand the various dental procedures that you may need, this app is informative and comprehensive. As an "an excellent patient guide," (1) this useful tool will allow you to find out all there is to know about dentistry and its wide array of procedures. Patients will learn about "cosmetic procedures, occlusion/TMJ treatment, implants," (2) and other treatments designed to enhance their smile.

Pediatric Dental Expert

This free app is incredibly helpful for parents who want to ensure that their kids' dental health is on track. The app details procedures common among kids and also provides an overview of children's dental needs. As far as healthcare guides go, this one is extremely useful when it comes to children's teeth.

Tiny Dentist

If you have to wait for your dental appointment and you have kids in tow, this fun app will keep you children busy and help them get to know various dental procedures. They will experience what it's like to be the dentist. Plus, they may be less nervous about sitting in the dentist's chair themselves since they will better understand the job the dentist does.


This app allows kids (and adults too) to record each time they floss. Flossy inspires kids to floss and reminds them of the important of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. People can even use the app to set alarms to alert kids when it's 'flossing time.'

Brush DJ

This app is perfect for helping people to brush for the recommended amount of time--two minutes. The app plays music (straight from your playlist) for the amount of time you should be brushing. This app is great for kids and teens, too, who may be tempted to brush too quickly.


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