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How applying for a job is like dating - part 2

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If you have the skill set the employer is looking for and portrayed it in your resume, there is a good chance you will receive a phone interview. Phone interviews are always difficult because the person on the other end can't see your reaction and you are unable to see their's. The fact is body language can tell you a lot about what the other person is thinking.

With that said, how is this phone interview like dating? Well, the phone interview is like the 1st phone conversation you have before "D" day. You convinced your friend to give you the person's phone number or convinced your friend to have the person call you. In this phone conversation, you want to find out more about the person because you still have apprehensions about going on a date with someone you don't know. You also want to be on your best behavior and sort of impress the other person.

With a phone interview, your goal is to impress the interviewer enough to be called in for an in-person interview. You try your best to say the right things, answer the questions asked, not ramble on too much and keep the interviewer interested.

Ultimately the hiring manager is trying to find the Mr./Ms. Right. Or at least the closest they can get to the perfect candidate.

Since I'm nota relationship therapist, I will avoid offering you tips on how to handle the 1st phone conversation prior to a date. However, since I'm a career coach writer, I will offer you tips to help during a phone interview.

Tips to help you do well on a phone interview
1. Pretend like the person is in front of you - this will help you stay alert and lively, speak in your normal face-to-face voice and maintain that connection. Most of the time the interviewees seem monotone almost like they are sleeping. By pretending the person is there your voice fluctuates as it does in a normal face-to-face conversation.

2. Have your resume and sample questions you think they may ask along with the answers in front of you. Remember they can't see you, this will helps ease some of the nervousness. They will typically ask you questions related to your résumé, like gaps in employment, why you left you other companies, why you are looking to leave your current employer, why you applied for their position and possibly salary requirements.

3. Know the job posting. Have a copy of the job advertisement. Be prepared to answer questions related to the minimum qualifications for the position. Take notes on the job advertisement with answers to possible questions. Once again, they can't see you, so use the notes if you need to.

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