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How Ancient Irish Monks Helped Build the Modern World

Although we usually see religion and science as two separate forms of knowledge, perfectly opposed to each other, authors James Behan and Leo Behan have proven through their researched that these two are actually connected. The link is ensured by the ancient Irish people and how they influenced Christianity. Going through centuries-worth of material – related to theology, philosophy, and science –, the Behan brothers have uncovered important facts, which determine us to see religion and science in a different light.

“The Secret Gospel of Ireland: The Untold Story of How Science and Democracy Descended from a Remarkable Form of Christianity that Developed in Ancient Ireland,” by James and Leo Behan, provides to the readers in an accessible manner philosophical concepts, historical facts, and theological values. The two brothers have created various correlations between all these pieces of information, thus aptly illustrating the importance of the ancient Irish people in world history.

Everything began with a young native Romanian man, who after going to Bethlehem and vowing to join a monastery in Egypt, eventually became part of an Egyptian community of monks. After his arrival in the Egyptian desert, the man enjoyed a calm spiritual life, but one day the Egyptian monks were divided by a controversial dilemma; they wanted to know whether God was a physical creature or just a being of light like an angel. The Romanian man believed that God was a spirit of light, opinion which eventually forced him to flee from Egypt. However, before leaving Egypt and heading for Ireland, the man took away with him a secret which would enable the Irish monks to unlock the ultimate potential of Christianity and the door to our modern world.

When ancient Romans attempted to Christianize Ireland – a land which had never been conquered before –, it was their last effort to enlarge their dominion and to increase their influence in the West. But the results were truly remarkable, probably going beyond what the Romans had imagined and expected. The ancient Irish people used the secret brought from Egypt, combining their knowledge with the Christian teachings, and thus obtaining a form of Christianity which would later on make science and democracy possible.

“The Secret Gospel of Ireland” is a thought-provoking book, whose content nourishes both the spirit and the mind. James and Leo Behan’s thorough research and the manner in which they presented their findings render “The Secret Gospel of Ireland” a must read for all those who are interested in history and theology. Find “The Secret Gospel of Ireland” on Amazon.

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