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How an Awesome Explainer Video can Help in Social Media Marketing

Explainer Video Social Media
Explainer Video Social Media

Marketing via social media can be a difficult job. Depending on the particular medium, there a strict limits (space, characters) which can determine how much information you are able to convey in any one message. For those who are looking to disseminate a large amount of information, especially if it is in anyway abstract, this can be quite the hindrance.However, thanks to the growing ubiquity of video and video formats, it can be quite easy to employ an explainer video in order to convey a large amount of information in a restricted format.

In the films, dump large amounts of relevant information is known as exposition. Think about the point about an hour into an action film. The hero has just uncovered the plot and needs to explain to his associate (and also the audience). What follows is a simplified explanation which demonstrates all of the relevant information which the associate (and
the audience) need to continue. While the audience might understand the plan without the exposition, putting it in the film ensures that everyone in the audience is privy to the right and relevant information, allowing them to enjoy the film that much more. This is exactly how a video can help your marketing campaign. With a limited format in which you are
able to make an impact, an explainer video can act as the exposition, allowing you to get your audience up to speed with the relevant information.

Because you are choosing to work with video, you open yourself up to more possibilities than you would if you to work with either audio, image or text individually. You are able to combine all of these formats, as well as introduce things such as an animated video or CGI, allowing you to better represent more abstract concepts. Thanks to increased bandwidth, watching a video is now no more difficult than opening an email, so you are able to distribute a complicated message in a simple manner, without having to worry too much about whether it can reach your intended audience.

Despite the possibilities offered by the video medium, there is still a need to keep your ideas simple. When it comes to social media marketing, there’s no need to remake Apocalypse Now for every video. A simple, explanatory video is exactly what you need to convey your point. It might even be that a series of videos is more suited to your needs,
allowing you to separate and contain different ideas in order to better explain them individually, making sure that you don’t confuse your message.

One of the chief goals of marketing via social media is that it makes your content that much easier to share. If users share content on your behalf, it acts not only as a seal of approval, but allows your message to reach new audiences without you having to work any harder.As such, making sure that your content is worth sharing is vital. Quality content, whether it is funny or elucidating, means that people will not only understand the principles proposed by your explanation, but that they will want others to indulge in and understand your message as well.

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