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How about some SA?

Brake or gas pedal, the choice is yours.
Brake or gas pedal, the choice is yours.

If you know Boston driving, you may think you have to be most aware on the Mass Pike or Southeast Expressway during the morning and evening rush hour fun and games.

Think again.

We've all heard all to often lately about "runaway" Toyotas or other vehicles where, it turned out, the driver never applied the breaks, rather flooring the gas pedal—thinking it was the brake.

Now I always thought these cases are merely a case of inattention on the part of the driver—I certainly don't drive that way. But recently I was backing our station wagon out of the driveway and had to negotiate around another car without hitting a fence railing. So going backwards and swiveling my head around, left and right, to maneuver, I couldn't make the car move beyond a crawl—even pushing down on the gas pedal.

Well, turned out—as Clint Eastwood said in Dirty Harry—in all this confusion I was on the brake pedal!

This goes to show that sometimes we all need to reboot our driving habits and ensure we take the time and effort for situation awareness (a little SA) wherever we find ourselves.

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