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How a walk with the dog led to one of the biggest jackpots on record

Rare gold coins found in Calif.
Rare gold coins found in Calif.
Kagins Inc.

Most everyone knows that taking the dog for a walk is good not only for the dog, but for the dog-walker...what you may not realize is that it could be good for your bank account as well.

On Tuesday, rare coin experts, Kagin's Inc., announced the finding of an epic treasure which was discovered by a couple who was walking their dog on their own property in California's gold region.

The couple, who has chosen to remain anonymous, found over 1400 rare U.S. gold coins, dated from the mid to late-1800s, stashed inside of decaying metal cans on their property.

The treasure finders sought out Kagin’s senior numismatist, David McCarthy who stated:

We all dream about discovering buried treasure; seeing the real thing in person – piles of gold coins encrusted in dirt and rust – the experience was just indescribable,

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine coins coming out of the ground in the kind of condition that I saw in front of me. Many pieces were finer than anything known in major collections or museums.”

The incredible coin find has been dubbed the “Saddle Ridge Hoard," and the value is estimated at a staggering $10 million.

The couple has stated that they will sell most of the coins through Amazon and some of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Sometimes, it truly pays to walk the dog...excuse me while I head out for a brief moment.

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