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How a support system is a comfort while undergoing breast reconstruction

Having a support system is a true comfort during the breast reconstruction journey.
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Over the years, numerous advances in science and in the operating room have taken place with breast reconstruction for women who have lost one or both breasts due to breast cancer.

While the educational skills of breast reconstruction procedures in San Diego are considered quite progressive, these multifaceted techniques require patience, and with it, a genuine support system among a medical team, family and friends.

Every patient is different as well as their specific need for breast reconstruction. This means their reconstruction may differ in terms of the type they will have and how long it will actually take. Depending on the cancer treatments needed and the reconstruction pursued, it may take six months or even up to two years or more. It varies that much.

For many reconstructive surgeons in San Diego specializing in breast reconstruction, they encourage their patients to think of the process as a blend of realism and persistence. While it is a journey fueled with emotion, this is where a support system is of great benefit.

There are various modalities when it comes to breast reconstruction. One may be a better option for one patient than another. There are always alternatives.

When a patient has a timeline to focus on, and reaches those milestones throughout the reconstruction phase, it offers a superb feeling of accomplishment when each one is met. And these milestones are extremely important to have, because the process may be met with some “ups and downs” along the way.

One misconception that patients sometimes have in their initial consultation is that a breast reconstruction is similar to a breast augmentation.

The two surgeries are quite different.

In instances such as this, a surgeon must be very cautious in guiding the patient in explaining how they are not augmenting the breast, but actually rebuilding it.

It’s the goal of the surgeon to be candid and clear up any misunderstanding.

Many reconstruction surgeons wholeheartedly agree that performing breast reconstruction procedures is rewarding work. Yet, through it all, they want patients to realize that they are not alone.

When a patient has the support of their family, friends, and their medical team with them on the reconstruction road, it is a little easier to endure.

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