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How a struggling small business owner can enjoy a vacation

Small Business Owners Should Enjoy Vacation Too!
Small Business Owners Should Enjoy Vacation Too!

Are you a small business owner who just hasn't been able to break free this summer for a fun vacation? Whether it's because of a lack of free time, money, or both, not being able to break free for vacation can cause a lot of additional stress and hardship on your family and your business. While you may be struggling to keep your business afloat, that is no reason to work yourself to death. Here are a few ways small business owners can get their time and finances together in order to enjoy a beautiful, relaxing, and rejuvenating vacation.

1. Plan a simple and affordable vacation -- Here is the deal. In order to recharge your batteries, you don't have to go on an expensive luxury vacation. In fact, it may be better and less stressful to go on a cheap camping trip. Consider the following beautiful Utah campgrounds that are affordable and gorgeous:

  • Zion's National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Goblin Valley
  • Uinta National Forrest
  • Wasatch Mountains
  • Park City
  • Capital Reef

Need I go on? For more information about beautiful campsites in Utah, check out the Utah database campground website.

2. Cut expenses -- Okay, so maybe you're not a camper, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be a vacationer. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the Utah scenery in a hotel including the gorgeous mountains of Park City. In order afford one of the luxury hotels, you have a few options. You can cut down on your monthly bills by not eating out, planning cheap and fun dates with your spouse for evenings out, and coming up with a list of other ways to save money and redirect it towards a vacation fund. In fact, here are 54 ways to save money that you might find useful.

3. Use a coupon site -- When you are planning your vacation, make sure to browse coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, and KSL Deals. There are so many good deals on hotels and activities that you can literally go on vacation at half of the cost if you were to book a vacation without using these sites. Not only will these sites give you great deals on places to stay, places to dine, and fun activities, but they will also give you ideas that you may not have ever even considered. For example, maybe you never would have considered eating Indian food, until seeing a Groupon for a delicious Indian restaurant right by your hotel. The possibilities for fun and expanding your horizons are endless with these wonderful coupon sites.

4. Get your business in order -- One of the reason struggling small business owners don't leave on vacation is because they fear their business will plummet if they leave. This is a real fear and a real concern, but shouldn't be something that completely bogs you down to the point you can't ever leave on vacation with your family. Here are some ideas to help you get your business in order so you can have a little time to relax:

  1. Hire help at a discounted rate - Are you wasting your time doing tasks that someone could do for minimum wage? Help yourself by helping someone else get a job at your company.
  2. Examine your finances - We can learn from the government that money can be easily wasted if it's not monitored properly. Institute a system of checks and balances in order to make sure you are not spending more than you need to on business costs. For example, are you paying too much for marketing and not seeing the results you want? Is there a more affordable option for health insurance for your employees? Are there ways to save on your utility bills? If needs be, hire an expert.
  3. Get help with finances - In the event that you still need more money to run your excellent small business, and be able to get away for at least even a week, you may need to consider getting more capital for your small business. Even if you have bad credit and need a bad credit business loan, it's worth it to be able to really get your business off the ground, and be able to keep your head in check.

These are just some of the ways struggling small business owners in Utah can get out and enjoy a beautiful staycation in Utah. Utah is too beautiful to let your business get in the way of enjoying everything this gorgeous place has to offer.

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