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How a local restaurant used social media to gain business and exposure

the bar at Mateo Restaurant, Boulder, CO
the bar at Mateo Restaurant, Boulder, CO

I moved to Boulder just over six weeks ago, and as is true for many people, one of my priorities when getting settled in here is discovering the best places to eat and meet people.  I notice restaurants as I'm walking through downtown, running errands, and I pick up recommendations from my friends.

On top of that, social media plays a large role in not only how I learn about local businesses, but how those businesses are starting to attract new customers through their doors.  

Mateo Restaurant is a Boulder eatery that's doing it right.  On a recent Tuesday night, @mateorestaurant tweeted, “Inviting all of Boulder to @mateorestaurant tonight! Love to see you tonight… Great happy hour tonight!!!”

Curious as to what their happy hour was, I replied (on Twitter) and asked.  This spurred a conversation that eventually ended with my bum on a barstool, ordering glasses of house red and noshing on a cheese plate.

I'd never noticed Mateo before this, never had heard any recommendations.  I was new business for them simply because of interactions I'd had with someone running their Twitter account, who was not simply spewing specials and self-promotion, but were actively engaged in their followers, the information that was being requested, and were friendly and encouraging about getting users in the doors.

The tweets were informative (I found out exactly what their specials were), and the verdict once I was there?  I loved it.  The bartender greeted me asking if I was the one coming in "from Twitter."  

The chef's creatings were beautiful and tasty, and the service was phenomenal.  It was an all-around fantastic experience that I'd have missed out on had it not been for the successful use of Twitter for their business.

In terms of networking once you get there, it's a great place for that too - particularly on Friday night during happy hour.  Follow @mateorestaurant on Twitter, as well as their sister restaurant @raddtrattoria.  Tell them @doniree sent you, and happy eating!


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