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Graphic design publisher creates sustainable interest with organic appeal

Organic Hudson Valley: Sustaining Local Roots
Organic Hudson Valley

Historic Hudson Valley in New York State is known for its treasure trove of hidden value across the region. Organic Hudson Valley is a bi-monthly digital and print magazine adding flair and contemporary flavor to the mid northeast. Laurie Szostak leads the Organic Hudson Valley publication serving small business owners and residents they want. Organic, green, versatility and strong sustainable businesses is at the core of Organic Hudson Valley: Sustaining Roots Locally.

Laurie, owner of a Graphic Design firm in New York, began her publishing career as a typesetter. Technology offered Laurie the opportunity to learn desktop publishing with Apple’s then release of Quark Express.

She transitioned to large print magazine publishing at Reader’s Digest. Eventually, like most career professionals, Laurie faced the economic challenges of a different career path in a volatile economy.

She decided to market her graphic design talent with her own business to serve the Hudson Valley community. Laurie developed an idea for a new magazine when she saw shifts in market need and want. “Hudson Valley small business owners are trying to grow and they struggle in the Hudson Valley,” said Laurie, “I thought this magazine would be a great way to serve the small business community.”

Organic Hudson Valley, as a start-up, emerged from its growing pains with Laurie at the helm doing what she loves to do as a publisher. Her readership enjoys the local perspective. Print readers appreciate Laurie’s unique style in print publication design, look and feel.

Laurie adds, “Organic Hudson Valley is my passion. I want to give back to the community, be a voice box for everybody involved; all the small businesses and let this grow and hopefully it will bring jobs as it grows into the Hudson Valley for more people.”

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