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Hoverboard soars above water: Futuristic invention wows viewers in new video

Although the dream of a real life hoverboard is still a distant wish, there are now advances that make us closer than ever to the target. An enthusiastic sportsman recently demonstrated how innovation now makes it possible to "hover" without the need of an Iron Man suit.

Engadget's report on Friday explained that a few years ago a French jet ski champion developed the Flyboard, which uses powerful streams of water to enable the rider to "hover" above the waves and even dive underneath the water. This is done while the user is following behind a speedboat. Franky Zapata has now created the Hoverboard, which does the same job, but attached to a board with a single nozzle hanging out the back.

Zapata is a French athlete who, in the past, has been an integral part of projects where the goal is to create a system that keeps floating above the water using the same liquid momentum to achieve this effect. RT says that Hoverboard is a cousin of the Flyboard, a 2011 Zapata Racing invention that attaches to a nearby personal watercraft to allow the rider to fly above the water at high speeds. That device, a small board with two water nozzles that riders stand on, lead to the creation of the Flyboard World Cup.

Hoverboard is able to take the passenger through the air at a speed of 37 kilometers per hour, and although its design is not strictly that of a true surfboard, it allows you to "surf" through water and air.

Unlike the fictional "flying skateboard" imagined by a company called HUVr Tech a few months ago, the Hoverboard is now a reality, and you can own one for about six thousand dollars.

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