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Hoverboard: Funny or Die admits the Hoverboard video is fake

Hoverboards still have time to be created by Oct. 21, 2015, which "Back to the Future II" shows the world when Doc Brown and Marty McFly time travel. Power laces are now expected by 2015, and it almost appeared as if a hoverboard was coming a year early, but it turns out that Funny or Die was behind a beautifully executed viral video prank, as /Film revealed on March 5, 2014.

The "real" hoverboard video that went viral is a fake.
Funny or Die

When the film came out in 1989, seeing the hoverboards in the futuristic scene were something that shocked the world and many hoped they would one day see.

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Well, a video went viral on Tuesday and it portrayed a company called HUVr that said they had actually created and were perfecting a real-life hoverboard.

The video was actually done quite well and it showed a few different people using a hoverboard and flying through the air, a few feet off the ground. It even had the Christopher Lloyd, Terrell Owens, and Tony hawk talking about it and claiming it to be awesome.

After one day and a frenzy like no other, Funny or Die admitted their prank and said they were "sorry for lying about hoverboards."

Alright science. You've got about a year and a half to get hoverboards real and out there.

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