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Hoverboard not a toy: Video of powerful 23 mph ride on $2,700 Flyboy

The hoverboard is a new watercraft that is bound to change the scenery along the beaches of lakes and oceans soon. The new aquatic hoverboard, called the Rocky Mountain FlyBoard, lets you sail over the shoreline on two streams of jet propelled water, according to The Huffington Post on June 13.

The Hoverboard goes on sale this month, this is not a toy, this Rocky Mountain FlyBoard propells you high over the water.
YouTube screen shot

The inventor of this new aquatic craft is Franky Zapata, the French jet ski champion. His invention is seen in the new promotional video released for the hoverboard above. Because this craft launches in the air over water, a new line of twirls, swirls and other types of stunt maneuvers that have never been done, are now possible.

The hoverboard attaches to a hose and two streams of water blast you forward and upward, reaching speeds up to 23 mph. Is it easy to ride? Folks say it takes a bit of trial and error, but once you mastered the board, its like riding a bike, you just never forget.

CNET reports that this hoverboard has power, so if you are worried about it stopping and going, don't. It "definitely has power" to keep you in the air. Another thing that CNET points out is that the product is not a toy and it is not made by Mattel. It is not pink, it is the real deal! It will propel you to new heights, up and over the water.

Your first attempt at snowboarding wasn't easy, but in no time it was like second nature. Like anything else this hoverboard is a craft you need to familiarize yourself with before becoming a pro at the ride.

The design of this new craft is similar to a wake board, but it is a wake board that will leave others in the dust. Is this the watercraft of the future? Yes it is, but the very near future as the hoverboard goes on sale later this month.

The company that is selling the board is Rocky Mountain FlyBoard and they are already taking preorders for the hoverboard. Now how much will one of these flying boards set you back? They start at $2675. Considering the cost of other water crafts like jet skis and motorboats, this is not a bad deal.

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