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Houston teens get summer tutoring and boot camps at Firat Educational Solutions

Houston teens have summer tutoring and boot camps with Firat Educational Solutions
Houston teens have summer tutoring and boot camps with Firat Educational Solutions

Summer is not only the time for relaxing, but also a chance to get ahead for high school students with tutoring and entrepreneurial opportunities.

At Firat Educational Solutions in Houston, teens can find camps addressing a variety of interests with academic experts dedicated to helping students learn skills and strategies to succeed and excel.

FES co-founder and president/CEO, Ibrahim Firat, holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree both from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. He also has over 10 years of one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring experience with the University of St. Thomas in their Learning and Writing Center.

The summer series,"Road to College," helps students prep for college admissions and is $50 per session. Date sessions are July 8, 14, 17 & 30. To resister go to

The goal of FES is to provide consultants who care and want to give the best for their students.

Ibrahim Firat said the purpose of their camps it to help students “investigate” what they might be skilled in or like that could be an investment in their future. “Your child may be great in sports, and you may be worried that he/she needs more of ‘other’ activities such as music and leadership. It is not about the quantity of summer camps, but rather the "quality, ‘the "focus’- your child's ‘niche,’” he explained.

All levels of high school students can benefit from FES camps Firat said.

“Freshmen and sophomores in high school should spend summer in identifying camps that will drive their creativity, interest and skills while juniors and seniors should ‘zone in’ on their biggest assets and whatever makes them great,” he stated.

In addition, FES is partnering with Houston Community College to host an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for young entrepreneurs. Their boot camp will be held on July 28-August 8. Details for the boot camp are available at

FES is located at 3701 W. Alabama Street, Suite 390 in Houston. Call 713-871-1048 or email for more information.

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