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Houston's Letoya Luckett Has A Twin

Fashion Source

Houston’s Letoya Luckett has a twin. Yes, a twin people! Don't you just hate when this happens? Wearing the same or similar assemble makes an individual feel like their personality has been compromised, or that they did not do a good job of expressing their style to be different than others or they did not do their research. This situation is more severe when you are a celebrity because the tabloids will call you out for it. And to make matters worse, the media will ask who did it justice? Talk about putting people on blast!

Presenting Case #1: Houston’s own, ex-Destiny’s Child member, Letoya Luckett, had a style face-off with Victoria Secret’s
model, Selita Ebanks when they both rocked a black Balmain cut out lace mini. Both ladies looked absolutely stunning and
both ladies carried the look with a different “swag”.

Letoya Luckett wore her mini to the BET Awards, and paired the super sexy dress with a pair of Alejandro Ingelmo booties.
On the other hand, Selitha Ebanks worn her mini to the New York Premiere, “Valentino: The Last Emperor” and paired it with
a pair of simple black stilettos, first. Is this considered swagger-jacking? Should we really leave them at fault? It’s very
difficult not to duplicate wardrobes in the Fashion Industry but some good advice is to never take something straight off the
runway and wear it exactly how the runway presented it. That’s like going to Forever 21 and buying the same exact outfit
that the mannequin has on in the window. You are asking for a fashion break-down when you see someone out with the
same attire on. Add your own personal touches to it and wear it with a confident attitude.

Special appearances take a lot of work to prepare for. There are many things one must consider before making a debut. It is very important to do your research and if you see a rack full then it’s safe to buy off that rack but if it is empty that means that a lot of people took interest in that particular piece and trust me, you will see it all over the place. A good idea would be to shop off the clearance rack, mix it with new season pieces, and make it work or just get your clothes custom made. Do yourself this favor or you may pop up with a twin as well.



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