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Houston's 70s Metal lords, Venomous Maximus

Although it sounds like a Transformer, Venonous Maximus are actually named for a Cobra baddie from GI Joe. Surprise! A lot of metal musicians are kinda nerdy - no one but a nerd and misfit would take that much time to learn an entire Led Zeppelin record on guitar over one summer. Not that they are entirely anti-social. I mean, everyone needs a weed dealer and some people to listen to music with.

But seriously, folks, Venomous Maximus have all the earmarks of the perfect retro-metal band: Homages to the riff gods of yore using modern equipment, distorted and ominous vocals and song titles such as "Giving Up the Witch" and "The LIving Dead."

Venomous Maximus was recently hosted by the Free Press Summer Fest and will be playing shows in Louisiana and New Orleans next month. After a San Antonio gig August 12th, the band returns to Fitzgerald's August 19th to celebrate the release of "The Mission" ep.

To grab a preview and just check them out, go to the band's MySpace page.


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