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Houston Rockets: Parsons has every right to feel disrespected

Houston’s latest move to not retain Chandler Parsons is baffling, columnist Denton Ramsey writes.
Houston’s latest move to not retain Chandler Parsons is baffling, columnist Denton Ramsey writes.
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Time to see what Daryl Morey has up his sleeve.

Houston's general manager has been prone to make major moves, from nabbing under-the-radar stars to already established All-Stars.

But some of the Rockets latest moves baffle me.

Most confusing of all is how Houston handled Chandler Parsons.

Parsons, the biggest heart and soul of the Rockets in my opinion, was a major recruiter for bringing Dwight Howard to Houston.

One short-season later, Parsons find himself a few hours north in Dallas.

The Rockets should have matched the offer for Parsons.

There's no excuse for why they didn't.

After failing to land Chris Bosh in what I considered to be a very risky bid to begin with, Morey and company decided to let Parsons's deal with the Mavericks remain intact.

Mark Cuban was left grinning from ear to ear, and rightfully so.

Dallas landed an up-and-coming star in Parsons, as the young forwad has continued to improve each and every year in the NBA.

Houston, meanwhile, lost a major piece of the team's heart with Parson's departure.

Don't get me wrong; I like Trevor Ariza and I am hopeful his second go-round with the Rockets is successful.

But Ariza is not Parsons, and no one can really replace his presence on the team -- both on and off the court.

Unfortunately, as both a fan and columnist, I don't believe the Rockets ever truly appreciated Parsons; and they completely disrespected him in the way they let him go.

Players such as Parsons are all heart, not to mention the talent that abounds both offensively and defensively.

Shane Battier is another player of that caliber, and is also another example of a player the Rockets allowed to leave the team when they could have retained him.

I digress.

I trust Morey and always have, but I am honestly beginning to have my doubts about how the front office runs the Rockets.

Moves have been made all over the league so far this offseaon, and that only leaves me with one lingering question.

What's your next move, Morey?

Denton Ramsey may be reached via email at

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