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Houston Press 2009 Best of Houston birthday party

A dancer gets down to the music
A dancer gets down to the music

Houston Press Party at Lucky's Pub/M. Morton

Houston Press celebrated its 21st birthday with a big bang on September 24 by releasing their annual Best of Houston edition as well as by throwing a big birthday party at Lucky’s Pub. Even though rain sprinkled over Houston throughout the evening, it didn't stop the masses from attending their beloved newspaper’s party. The fun-filled night featured food tasting by local businesses including Beaver’s and the Alamo Drafthouse as well Tasti-D-Lite serving ice cream out of their big pink ice cream truck.

Attendees were able to participate in great party games like Beer Pong, show their skills on Beatles Rock Band and try their luck at the Black Jack tables. Some preferred to dance and drink the night away while listening to the sounds of 80's cover band, Molly and the Ringwalds. Others took a seat on the patio outside enjoying conversation.

Regardless of the activity, there was never a dull moment here. Just good fun to celebrate the best of Houston.


  • Grace Truong 5 years ago

    Hey Monique! It's Grace, we met at the Houston Press Barely Legal Event! Great article and pictures! Just wanted to say hi! Talk to you soon!