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Houston police seek information on a murder suspect

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At a briefing in the media room of Houston Police Headquarters at 10:00 AM April 27, Officer V. McClean was joined by several members of the family of murder victim Rene Almeida to urge anyone with information about the murder to come forward.

Mr. Almeida was working as a security guard at the condominiums at 9700 Leawood Boulevard on April 18 when he was shot to death by a non-resident who arrived on a matte black motorcycle wearing a matte black helmet seeking entry to the complex. He was 51 years old. Mr. Almeida had been employed about 10 days when the incident occurred. He had more than 20 years experience as a security guard. The suspect fled the scene on his motorcycle.

The suspect was a former resident who had caused probems in the past, and who had been cited for trespass and barred from the complex. According to the security guard logs, the individual had a history of confrontations and trespass warning at that location.

A poster sized display with a photo of the victim and of the motorcycle. The victim's daughter and other members of the family pleaded with the public for anyone able to confirm that the suspect had been on the premises at the time of the shooting.

Officer McClean explained that although a suspect had been identified, it was important to be able to obtain objective proof from a witness that he had been seen in the immediate vicinity. However, the offficer did not name the suspect and refused to provide more details concerning the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Questions were posed to family members in English and Spanish. After the interview with the family a second briefing in Spanish with followup questions was provided for Spanish language media.

Anyone with knowledge of the community who is able to confirm seeing the suspect at the scene is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713 222 TIPS or otherwise contact the Houston Police Department. The reward for thiis infiormation is $5000.


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