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Houston players making noise at this past weekend's CEO tournament in Orlando

CEO 2014 banner
CEO 2014 banner

Community Effort Orlando 2014 took place this past weekend, and it was the largest fighting game tournament this year. Featuring players from the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between, the competition was fierce. They even drew players from as far as Canada, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Also in the mix were a number of local competitors looking to make their mark.

In Injustice Gods Among Us, KTX Digit made waves in yet another major by tying for 7th place. This was his third major top 10 result after winning Texas Showdown and tying for 9th at UFGTX. In the Ultra Street Fighter 4 pool play, Display Lag's Adeel "FourWude" Soomro faced off against former Evolution and Official Capcom SSF42012AE champion Infiltration in the winners final of their pool. Adeel would go on to pull off the upset, sending shockwaves across the event. In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Jan Del Rio and Scrubeks qualified out of their pools on the winners bracket side.

During the semifinal round of USF4, Adeel ran into multi-game expert, Gamester Gear NYChrisG. Chris has switched from Sakura to one of the newly introduced characters Elena. It appeared that the switch was enough to disrupt Adeel's normal processes and was simply not able to adjust in time. This sent him in the losers bracket where he faced KnuckleDu for one of the last spots into Sunday's top 16. Against the young Guile player, Adeel ran into a pattern of starting off well, but then allowed KnuckleDu to fight his way back. They would split the first two games, but KnuckleDu continue to abuse and punish Adeel with Guile's upside down kick. This would end the tournament for FourWude, finishing in a 17th place tie.

On the UMvC3 side, Jan faced Marvelo in his first match, and was able to handle him fairly easily. His next two matches, not so much. First he took on ChrisG, and the results were not pretty. Jan would get knocked into the losers bracket after a 3-0 defeat. In the losers bracket, he faced Evil Genius PR Balrog. Once again, Jan would fall short, ending his tournament tied for 9th. Scrubeks, on the otherhand, started his campaign with a bang by defeating the SoCal Regionals champion, Apologyman. He followed that up by defeating the Evo2013 champion Flocker. In the winners bracket semifinal, Scrubeks took on the legendary EG Justin Wong. After falling in an early 2-0 hole, Scrubeks would do the unthinkable and sweep the next 3 games and advanced to the winners final!

In the winners final, Scrubeks faced NYChrisG once again. After memorable battles with each other at the past 2 Evo's and Texas Showdown, this would be the first time they met at the top of the bracket. Scrubeks would go on to take game 1, but then Chris was able to hit another gear and swept the next 3 games to send Scrubeks to the losers bracket. There he would face Justin once again. This time there was no miracle comeback. Scrubeks would finish in 3rd place. Still, this was the highest a Houston player has ever placed in an out of state Marvel tournament, this includes MvC2, MvC3, and UMvC3. Congratulations to Scrubeks and all of the other Texas players who did well this weekend and we look forward to seeing how well ya'll do at Evo in 2 weeks!